Sponsors and Partners

CHIT is fortunate to collaborate with the top healthcare sponsors and partners in metro Atlanta.

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Faculty members from the Department of Computer Information Systems and the Institute of Health Administration in the J. Mack Robinson College of Business, along with the Georgia Health Policy Center in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies have united to form the CHIT.

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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for CHIT provides valuable services to the center by promoting the center, creating and supporting collaborative efforts with the industry, building and strengthening business relationships, and developing activities that will prepare students for business.

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The Center for Health Information Technology will build upon the existing strengths of the nationally ranked Computer Information Systems and Health Administration programs and the extensively funded research of the Georgia Health Policy Center by advancing research, improving education and building partnerships around HIT.

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Doctoral Students

The 2CI Initiative is a five-year program to add at least 100 new faculty lines between 2010-2015. Its primary goal is to build nationally and/or internationally recognized strength and critical mass around common research themes to enhance Georgia State University’s overall quality, interdisciplinary richness, and competitiveness.

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