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Karen Minyard

Director & Associate Research Professor    

Georgia State University Ph.D. Business Administration
Medical College of Georgia M.S.N., Nursing Administration
University of Virginia B.S. in Nursing


Strategic management
Health care financing


Karen Minyard, Ph.D. has directed the Georgia Health Policy Center (GHPC) at Georgia State University’s Andrew Young School of Policy Studies since 2001. Minyard connects the research, policy, and programmatic work of the center across issue areas including: community and public health, end of life care, child health, health philanthropy, public and private health coverage, and the uninsured. Prior to assuming her current role, she directed the networks for rural health program at the GHPC. She has experience with the state Medicaid program, both with the design of a reformed Medicaid program and the external evaluation of the primary care case management program. She also has 13 years of experience in nursing and hospital administration.

She is an advocate for the importance of community in national, state, and local policy and the power of communities to improve health. Dr. Minyard maintains her connection with communities by working directly with local health collaboratives and serving on the boards of the National Network of Public Health Institutes, Physicians’ Innovation Network, and Communities Joined in Action.

Minyard’s research interests include: financing and evaluation of health-related social policy programs; strategic alignment of public and private health policy on all levels; the role of local health initiatives in access and health improvement; the role of targeted external facilitation and technical assistance in improving the sustainability, efficiency, and programmatic effectiveness of non-profit health collaboratives; and public health systems and financing.

Dr. Minyard frequently makes presentations and acts as a neutral convener and facilitator for groups and organizations. She often provides testimony for the state legislature and recently presented to congressional and executive agency staff at the National Health Policy Forum. Currently, she is spearheading a team of faculty and staff at Georgia State University dedicated to translating national health care reform.

She received a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Virginia, a master’s degree in nursing from the Medical College of Georgia, and a doctoral degree in business administration with a major in strategic management and minor in health care financing from Georgia State University.

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