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Patricia G. Ketsche


Ph.D., Georgia State University
M.B.A./MHA, Georgia State University
B.S., University of Pennsylvania


Health care financing and delivery
Managed care
Effect of coverage on access to care and health status
Access to and choice in employment-based health insurance


Dr. Ketsche received her Ph.D. in Risk Management and Insurance at Georgia State University. Her dissertation studied the effect of the tax subsidation of employment-based health insurance on risk pooling in that market. She has also done extensive research work for various public and private organizations using the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey data to evaluate the uninsured.

In 2010, Dr. Ketsche was the recipient of the Faculty Recognition Award for Teaching.

Dr. Ketsche coordinated data collection, drafted significant portions of text, and coordinated production of the National Institute of Health Care Management’s Health Care System DataSource, published in November 1998.

Prior to commencing her doctoral studies, Ketsche worked for several years as an internal and external consultant for employee benefits, assisting firms in evaluating and implementing managed care plans and communicating those changes to their employees. She developed and taught a pilot course on managed care for health administration students at Georgia State University.

Ms. Ketsche worked as a physical therapist in a variety of health care settings for over 10 years.

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